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Public Services

Goscomb Technologies currently donates hardware and bandwidth to some public projects for the good of the community. These projects are listed below.

Public Download Mirror


Our public mirror houses files for common Linux distributions and related material including Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. Both the hardware and transit have been donated. The mirror server is available on both IPv4 and IPv6.



We have been the UK SIXXS PoP for a number of years. Our SIXXS PoP provides tunneled IPv6 to anyone wishing to connect to us. This is perfect for people wishing to try out IPv6 before moving to a native service, such as the large range of access and hosting products we offer which are IPv6 enabled.

Free Wifi


A free wifi service providing Internet access to anyone who can pick up a signal from any one of our Wifi Access Points. Registration is required, however this information is not used for any purpose other than tracking access in accordance with law.

Free Dial-up

URL: Dial-up Information

Free dial-up access for anyone in the UK over standard analogue or ISDN line.