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Broadband DSL Connectivity

Broadband Packages

Goscomb Technologies is a provider of best of breed consumer and business broadband high speed Internet connections featuring low contention ratios. Connectivity, terminated in diverse London datacenters, is backed by our extensive network and technically minded support.

Why choose our broadband packages?

Unlike other providers, we employ no firewalling, traffic shaping or port blocking on our network and offer additional features such as backup dial-up for both analogue and ISDN modems, at no extra cost, ensuring that a second broadband service provider is not required in the event of line failure. Despite these additional features we still offer fantastic deals at competitive prices. For example, business broadband prices start from just £35 per month and are available to small and large businesses alike. A range of speeds are available to suit every user from 2Mbps, 8Mbps and even up to 24Mbps lines.

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High Availability

Should automated failover be required, this can be provided by connecting your location via two separate ADSL broadband tail suppliers (BT and LLU), thus a failure on one line will automatically cause traffic to flow over the alternate path, enabling 24×7 access to the Internet. This configuration is only available with managed routers.

Can't find what you need?

If you are unsure as to what you require please contact us to find the best broadband DSL package that meets your requirements.

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