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Ethernet First Mile

EFM Leased Lines (Ethernet in the First Mile) provides high speed, reliable internet connectivity for businesses who have outgrown traditional broadband, but where fibre base Ethernet services are still too expensive.

What is EFM?

EFM is most like a leased line in terms of service delivered in that it offers a fixed speed connection, with no contention and in both up and down directions. The connection is delivered to the customer as a simple ethernet (RJ45) port.

Instead of being delivered over expensive fibre optic connections EFM is delivered over either 2 or 4 pairs of copper cabling from the exchange. This means costs are fixed depending on the number of pairs required; no more "subject to survey" issues!


EFMPricing 2-Pair 4-Pair
£1200.00 Setup (1 yr)
Free Setup (3 yr)
£1650.00 Setup (1 yr)
Free Setup (3 yr)
Speed 2-10Mbps 2-20Mbps
Download Limit None None
Static IPs 8 8
Contract 12 or 36 months 12 or 36 months

Speed Promise

Like ADSL, the speed an EFM circuit will run at will depend on your distance from the exchange. However, with EFM we can guarantee the minimum speed you will receive. In our trials, we found that most customers receive a faster speed service than we can guarantee.

EFM is also a symmetrical service – meaning that both the upload and the download speed are the same. This is great if you are making Internet Telephony calls, using video, or sending / uploading large files to the internet.

Distance from local exchange EFM 2 Pair EFM 4 Pair
0m-100m 10Mb 20Mb
200m - 500m 8Mb 16Mb
600m - 800m 7Mb 15Mb
900m - 1100m 7Mb 14Mb
1200m - 2100m 6Mb 14Mb
2200m - 2300m 6Mb 13Mb
2400m 6Mb 12Mb
2500m 5Mb 12Mb
2600m - 2700m 5Mb 11Mb
2800m - 2900m 4Mb 10Mb
3000m - 3100m 4Mb 9Mb
3200m 3Mb 8Mb
3300m - 8Mb
3400m - 7Mb
3500m - 3600m - 6Mb
3700m - 5Mb
3800m - 4Mb
3900m - 3Mb
4000m+ - -

Availability Check

It is possible to check availability to a CLI or postcode using our Online EFM Check.


Ordering EFM is currently a manual process. To place your order, or check what services are available to you, please email, call 020 3129 4400 or use the callback function on the right hand side of this page.


This product supports native IPv6 addressing. Find Out More...

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