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Virtual Private Servers

Goscomb Technologies offers a number of Xen based Virtual Private Server (VPS) cloud hosting packages on a SAN-based, clustered environment utilising our multihomed BGP4 network in the London Docklands.

VPS Packages XEN10 XEN20 XEN30 XEN50
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FREE Setup
FREE Setup
FREE Setup
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Disk Space 10GB 20GB 30GB 50GB
Swap Space 512MB 1GB 1.5GB 2GB
CPU Cores 1 2 2 2
RAM 256MB 512MB 768MB 1GB
Transfer 800GB 1200GB 1500GB 3000GB
IPs 1 2 2 4
IPv6 /96 + /48 /96 + /48 /96 + /48 /96 + /48
Setup Time <4 hours <4 hours <4 hours <4 hours

Virtual Private Servers offer all the advantages of a dedicated server at a much lower cost due to the fact you share some resources, like CPU, on much larger clusters of servers. With a VPS, just like a dedicated server, you have full root access and are able to install whichever software you like on to your system.

All VPS hosted by Goscomb Technologies also benefit from the fact they are hosted on a redundant cluster using high-end, fault-tolerant, SANs. Should any node need to be taken out of service or fail your virtual machine will simply be migrated to another node within the cluster and just keep on running.

Online Management - Putting You In Control

You can now manage all your VMs via our online customer portal, The portal allows you to manage the virtual power to your VMs (start, shutdown, reboot) as well as connect to the virtual console in the event that you lock yourself out of the machine over its standard in-band management interfaces. You may also view your bandwidth use via this area.

Re-provisioning of VMs is coming soon.

Supported Operating Systems

Most of our supported Operating Systems run in Para-Virtualised (or PV) mode; this enables far higher performance and also advanced underlying features such as live migration. PyGrub is available to allow for custom kernels.

As our platform is fully virtualised, we support almost any i386 or x86_64 based operating system, if you do not see your choice listed please contact us. Please note that virtual machines provisions in HV (Hardware Virtualisation) mode can not benefit from features such as live migration and therefore if we need to migrate your machine for maintenance it will result in a reboot.

We officially support the following operating systems:

  • Linux - CentOS - PV mode
  • Linux - Debian - PV mode
  • Linux - Ubuntu - PV mode
  • OpenSolaris - HV mode; PV mode in BETA
  • Windows Server 2003 - PV mode
  • Windows Server 2008 - PV mode
  • FreeBSD & OpenBSD - HV mode

Additional and Optional Services

  • Shared or Dedicated Firewall Service
  • VPS Management from £10 per month
  • cPanel/WHM £8 per month
  • DirectAdmin £6 per month
  • Extra Disk/Swap Space from £0.50/GB per month
  • Extra memory POA
  • Extra data transfer POA
  • Additional IPs £1.25 per month

If you require a Control Panel allowing you to easily manage your system from an intuitive web interface, we can supply and install DirectAdmin, cPanel or Webmin.


This product supports native IPv6 addressing. Find Out More...

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