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3 Months FREE on new IP Transit

3 Months FREE on new IP Transit

We are happy to offer the following on IP Transit until the end of January 2014.

  • FREE SETUP (Cabling not included)
  • Prices starting from 100Mbps for £3003 per Mbps burst)
  • 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps ports available; burst to wire speed
  • No port charges

Network Features

  • Passive WDM optical backbone
  • Solid Juniper M/MX Series Routed Network
  • Multiple 10Gbps MPLS-TE enabled core
  • 4 Countries (UK, FR, NL,US)
  • Direct 10Gbps+ ports with Tier 1 upstreams ( NTT and Level(3) )
  • Extensive public and private peering (such as BT, Virgin Media, Google, etc)
  • Extremely flexible through BGP community support
  • Best path, not least cost, routing
  • BGP or Static feeds available
  • Guaranteed bandwidth, no contention on your commit
  • IPv4/IPv6 Unicast and Multicast
  • 100% SLA available



  • Telehouse East
  • Telehouse North
  • Telehouse West
  • Telecity HEX67
  • Telecity HEX89
  • Telecity Sovereign House
  • Telecity Meridian Gate
  • Global Switch 1
  • Global Switch 2
  • Level(3) Goswell Road new
  • Equinix LD1 new
  • 1 Canada Square new
  • Telstra LHC
  • QiComm Tutis Point
  • City Lifeline
  • LDeX1

International on-net

  • NIKHEF, Amsterdam
  • SARA, Amsterdam
  • Telehouse Voltaire, Paris
  • Telx 111 8th Avenue, New York

Other Info

All static feed pricing includes both IPv4 and IPv6 (optional) allocations from our PA space.

Should you wish to use BGP and do not have the experience we also offer a network consultancy service and can help set up and maintain your network. As we are full RIPE members we can also assist you in applying for your own ASN (Autonomous System Number) and PI (Provider Independent) address space should this be required, or assisting you in becoming an LIR yourselves.


  • Offer available to new transit customers only.
  • 15 months service will be provided; 12 months of which will be charged at the agreed rate.
  • Burst above your contracted CDR is chargeable in the initial 3 month period.