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Dial Up

For those occasions where you are having trouble connecting to your DSL or need a connection in a remote area, our free* dial-up will let you connect over any standard telephone or ISDN line. MLPPP is also supported, allowing you to bond multiple analogue or ISDN channels to improve speed.

Current DSL Customers

If you are a DSL customer and are using dial-up as a backup to your main connection use these settings.

Number 0845 604 3047
Password mypassword

For your convenience, you will be given the same static IP(s) as your DSL connection. This does, however, mean you cannot use your DSL and dial-up accounts simultaneously.

Standalone Dial-up

If you are not a DSL customer, or are using dial-up as a second connection to your DSL use these settings.

Number 0845 604 3047
Password dial

This account is suitable for anyone, anywhere, wishing to connect to the net through a dial-up connection.
You will also be assigned an IPv6 address, if supported by your PPP stack.

For further details on setting up a modem connection on your computer, please see our Knowledge Base.

*please note that local call charges may apply.