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Multicast is an old, but currently emerging, technology that can be used for the more efficient delivery of identical data to one or more clients. Due to these characteristics people are now starting to use multicast across the public Internet to stream audio and video. Unlike the the broadcast model, multicast traffic is only sent to the people that request it. Unlike unicast, however, only one source stream is required; massively reducing bandwidth requirements for the source of the stream.

Our Multicast Support

The Goscomb Technologies network supports both the reception and sourcing of multicast streams.

Receiving Streams

All devices connected to our network have the capability to receive multicast streams, assuming that they have a supported configuration.

IP Transit Customers

In order to support multicast on BGP IP transit sessions it is necessary to enable multi-protocol BGP (MBGP) and also set up one or more MSDP sessions between routers. Please contact to arrange this with our NOC team.

Multicast DSL and Other Customers

Our network supports both IGMP (including proxy-helper) and PIM-SM (PIM, Sparse Mode). IGMP is present in most home routers and can be used with varying levels of success. If you have a router that can support PIM, you will need to use the following settings:

Mode PIM-SM (PIM, Sparse Mode)
Rendezvouz Point (RP)

"Broadcasting" Streams

If you wish to broadcast streams from our network please contact us for further details.

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